Where Will You Stay After Marriage?

Some brides may choose to delay thinking about this until the wedding party is over. But it helps you and your partner start thinking about this place before you get married so that after marriage you only have to think about the implementation. If you have more funds, you should use it to buy a kentridge hill residence so as not to run out of units.

There are several alternatives that you can make as a solution, with various advantages and disadvantages, and of course, adapted to the conditions of you and your partner.

1. Living in a parent’s house
There are several conditions that make a newly married couple forced to live in a parent’s home. The advantage of living with parents is that the cost of living can be reduced, other costs such as electricity, water can be more efficient because it is shared with parents, and for those of you men, the opportunity to get closer to your in-laws is also greater. While the disadvantage is that privacy becomes less, every time a problem can be known by parents, and once again for you men, if you are not very clever to bring yourself, your relationship with male in-laws is not impossible to be sensitive.

2. Renting an Apartment
If you have a limited budget, there’s nothing wrong with renting an apartment. You can choose an apartment that has a budget that still fits your pocket, or you can also switch to a more economical apartment that is now pretty much spread in Singapore.

By living in an apartment, of course, closer to work locations and strategic places such as malls, hospitals, schools, and so on. But of course, living in an apartment means the cost of living is greater, the costs of parking, water, security and so on must be prepared. Even if in the end you both decide it is more comfortable to live in an apartment, then make sure the apartment you choose is safe and comfortable for your baby later.

3. Buy a Condo
This is the most ideal choice if both of your savings are sufficient. Every young couple who just married certainly dreamed of being able to buy their own condominium. You can also rent kentridge hill residence if you already have your own home, and make it your passive income.

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